What to expect


Listen to a patient’s concerns about body pain, or a malfunction within the body.



Following a detailed history-taking and examination, utilising orthodox orthopaedic and neurological tests, in conjunction with a detailed bio-mechanical evaluation.

Digital X-rays
We implement state of the art digital imagery with the latest software to create
personalised and specific diagnosis. The Doctors of chiropractic are qualified to
both take and diagnose x-ray images to tailor the best possible care


All adjustments/manipulations are dynamic, precise and controlled to encourage segmental mobility without unduly stressing vulnerable structures. Muscle release therapies including Graston, cranial treatment, acuptuncture, kinesio taping and ultrasound are also used where appropriate.


Individual tailored exercises and advice is given to the patient to enable him or her to maintain stability and strength. Also, regular maintenance treatment may often be advised to prevent recurrence or exacerbation of the original problem. Some seemingly unresolveable disorders can be managed with periodic treatment.


We are also sensitive to the nutritional needs of our patients.