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Measures against COVID-19

Our responsibility

We at the Ascot Chiropractic Clinic recognised our responsibility to assist our patients who are
nurses, doctors, grocery delivery people and care givers, to name but a few, during this uncertain
time with Covid-19 being grappled with.

In order to ensure we can remain available and effective , we would like to inform you of what we
are doing to protect you while in our office and how you can help protect us as well.

What we are doing:

Surfaces Regularly Sanitised

  •  The sanitising of the clinic starts at the communal door on the sidewalk in the car park.
  •  The door is unlocked and can be pushed open with an elbow.
  • All railings to the first floor and the Clinic’s front door are sanitised with the door permanently open so a touch with a shoe will allow entry.

Social Distancing Measures

  • The furniture in reception has been reduced to mark six feet social distancing and is sanitised regularly.  Hand gel and Dettol wipes are conveniently placed.
  • All internal doors are sanitised and left partially open to assist movement by the touch of a shoe or elbow.
  • All non are essential touch opportunities have been eliminated from the protocol of a treatment visit.  Essential touch surfaces are sanitised between each patient.  Toilets are sanitised regularly.
  •  Upon entering the Clinic, a patient is instructed to scrub-up before joining the Chiropractor in the treatment room plus instructed to scrub-up again before leaving.


  • The Chiropractors wear masks when treating, wash hands before and after each patient visit and may use hand gel sanitiser as well.  Aprons and gloves are available to be used if necessary.

Every patient phoning for an appointment is given these guidelines plus protocols for paying.   Beyond this level of triage, the Chiropractors prefer face to face contact, a detailed examination and treatment. Since the end of March patients will find their Chiropractor present in the Clinic but no reception staff.

Any patient presenting for an appointment who clearly demonstrates symptoms, which could be associated to Covid-19, will be asked to postpone their appointment and leave the clinic.

What we request of you

  • Please inform us if anyone in your household has exhibited the signs of Covid-19.
  • Practice social distancing while in our office.  Follow the movement directions made to you by your Chiropractor.
  • Follow the hand washing instruction with thorough 20 second scrubbing before rinsing off.   Do not touch your face.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing to facilitate the Chiropractors examination and treatment.
  • Be prompt for your appointment but not excessively early.  We are social distancing in the appointment book and are doing our utmost to separate patients by a realistic margin.   Leave accompanying family members in the car.
  • Feel free to wear a mask to the Clinic.  Your Chiropractor will discuss with you the benefit or detriment of wearing the mask during a treatment.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your Chiropractor about tips for helping keep you and your family as healthy as possible during this pandemic.
  • We continue to see regular patients in need as well as new patients suffering symptoms or experiencing a restriction in mobility.

With the procedures and practises outlined above, being adhered to, we consider there is a very low level of risk that Covid-19 could be present in the Clinic.

Sandra K Garratt D.C. Person with overall responsibility for stated procedures.

Individual Chiropractors are responsible for their own hygiene, to follow all Clinic’s sanitising training and see that their patients adhere to the above recommendations.