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Ascot Chiropractic Clinic - FAQs
Q. Who is Chiropractic treatment suitable for?

A. Chiropractic treatment is suitable for everyone, including newborn babies, the elderly, pregnant women and sports enthusiasts. Once you are better, your chiropractor will help you to maintain your own health, and keep your body working as it should, by offering exercise and lifestyle advice for you to follow in the future.

Q. How long will it take to fix my problem?

A. All current research states that chiropractic is exceptionally effective if the condition is treated within the first 6 weeks of the injury. The longer you leave the problem, the longer it may take to come to a successful resolution. Your chiropractor will advise you on your likely recovery time and on the management of your condition to minimise the chances of it recurring. Your early treatment is important, but chiropractors are also effective at treating chronic pain or long-standing problems.

Q. Will treatment hurt?

A. Generally a chiropractic adjustment does not hurt, although there may be some minor short-term discomfort that quickly passes for most patients. Normally follow-up treatments are needed and are more comfortable as symptoms decrease, and eventually the patient feels no discomfort at all.
Sometimes, if there has been a problem for a length of time, the patient may feel some soreness while his or her body starts to realign.

Q. What is the popping noise of the adjustment?

A. It is not bone rubbing on bone. When the two surfaces of the joint are moved apart rapidly, as happens in chiropractic adjustment, there is a change of pressure within the joint space. This may sometimes cause a bubble of gas to 'pop' - but this sound is not significant, and does not hurt.

Q. How can chiropractic help joints that are already degenerated?

A. Degenerated joints are sometimes the result of surrounding joints not doing their normal jobs properly, so the workload is not managed equally. Chiropractic aims to restore your normal function, spreading the load and taking excessive strain away from degenerated joints.

Q. What if the problem is something more serious?

A. If your chiropractor feels that chiropractic is not appropriate for the cause of your symptoms, you will be referred to your GP or to a suitable specialist.

Q. How often should check-ups be?

A. Chiropractors recommend check-ups at anywhere up to 6 monthly intervals. Many patients, though, choose to have more regular maintenance treatments as they feel so well after an adjustment and want to stay that way.

Tips to stay well:

Gentle mobility can help a restricted joint better than just rest


An ice pack will often cool the heat of inflammation and pain rather than adding more heat, e.g. with a heat pack.


Sitting upright on a firm chair with feet flat on the floor will support the spine well.


Turn in bed using hand and elbows as pivoting on ones head can upset the neck vertebrae.


Get out of the car with the lead foot facing forward and not at 90 degrees to the side as this can twist and strain the pelvis.


Treat gardening like a physical exercise and warm-up beforehand


Rather than doing one job for hours, have 3 jobs on the go and alternate between them.


For those really big heavy jobs, get someone in.


Golfers, do warm up exercises 3 times a week, even when not playing.


Stand ridiculously tall.

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